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IBM Core Java Interview Questions
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Why java is not a pure object oriented language?

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why java is platform independent?

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How can u create the Object of class Without using "New" opertor?

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What is the code inside the public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) override method in Applet [ Condition:- you have one TextField and One Button , you have to enter any color name inside the TextField, when you click on Button Your background will change according to your input color name]

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What is an anonymous class?

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import*; class Demo { public static void main(String args[]) { File f=new File("1234.msg"); String arr[]=f.list(); System.out.println(arr.length); } }

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Any one can explain how the inerface uses in java. give with example.

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How to print a statement without using semicolan in java

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any other way to print the text without using System.out.println() in java?

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How HashMap implemented in java? how it internally works when values are added or searched from hashMap?What is the difference betweenthe implementation of hashmap and Linked Hashmap?

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solve (x-1)(x-9)=8;

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Why should we use java?

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How does JAVA ClassLoader work?

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How does synchronized modifier work?

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What is difference between “==” and equals()?

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IBM Core Java Interview Questions

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