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IBM Core Java Interview Questions
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Write program to print Hello World and print each character address in that string and print how many times each character is in that string? Ex: H: 0 & 1 e:1 & 1 l :2,3,8 & 3 o:4,6 & 2 w:5 & 1 r: 7 & 1 d 9 & 1

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Hi ,i convert contrller as jSp And presentation as servlet ...will it do? if so what are advantage and idsadvantages

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Can u overload main()method.Give with example.

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which is advanced deep technology in java launched by the sun microsystem??? The answer is very logical If u need correct answer mail me at


My application URL : http://localhost:8080/Application/Login.jsp. When a user enter this url in IE then, how it get Login.JSP Page exactly? what are the processes will happen from when we submit the URL to get Login.jsp?

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My interview asked what is dynamic variable in java and where we use them.

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did interface can implementation method ? i know its not possible but my interviewer said its possible ..but how..? any one have idea ???

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how to make the double-tone class ? as we have singletone class..?

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why constructor dont have returns type?

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is JVM platform dependent or independent..?

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what is the replacement method of stop() of thread

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What is the java project architecture?


what is the difference between object and class

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how to print a numbers from 1 to 100 with out using control structures?

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use of wrapper classes?

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IBM Core Java Interview Questions

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