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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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how to get top two salaries from employee tables

12 17705

5 positive and 5 negative test cases for yahoo login window

6 60943

test cases for bulb

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get the employees details ordered by employee name in alphabetical orders

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how do u perform regression testing,means what test cases u select for regression

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what is inter operative testing?

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what is realtional testing?

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how do u test web application?

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what is regression testing?

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what is testplan? and can you tell the testplan contents?

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write test 5 negative test cases for pen?

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How many testcases can you write an avg for a day?

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What is the diff. Between Waterfall and Spiral model?

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Who design the test case templates?

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1.What are the difference b/w client & server?

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Post New IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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