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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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How to do Role Design, Testing and Implementation


what Troubleshooting we get these transactions like SU53, ST01, SUIM and ST22

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What is the User Administration and Role Assignment in CUA.

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how we Custom Authorization Objects and Custom Transaction maintenance and how we do User classification, Running systems measurement reports during license auditing through USMM and SLAW


how we Completely designed and implemented methodology for controlling end user access to plants, cost centers, etc. and how we Applied to both R/3 and BW environments.


how we Designed security solution for FI, FM, MM, QM, PM, PS, HR (Time Entry, Travel) modules


how we Created over 120 customized end user roles and menus.

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how we Set up Central User Administration (CUA) to manage 4 systems/clients


how we do CUA configuration in Quality system


How we Educated client personnel in R/3 Security and general Basis knowledge


How we Provided SAP Security design, configuration, and support for SAP Net Weaver systems running BI/BW 7.0 (Net Weaver 2004s)


How we Provided Security design, configuration, and support for SAP Enterprise Portals


how to do Assigning authorization groups for table restrictions and program restrictions.

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how to do Reporting and Analysis authorizations


how to do Restricting nodes and Hierarchies through characteristic values and authorization objects


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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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