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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions
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How can u configure two DHCP and Two DNS servers r there and u have 100's of users then 1st system takes which DHCP server and which DNS sever

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what is the use of NIS how can u configure

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what is the use RAID and which is the best(Solaris)

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in RAID 5 and RAID 0+1 which u will preffer (Veritas)

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in RAID 0+1 and !+0 which u will preffer(Veritas)0+1

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What is the Boot procedure in Solaris(Unix)

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which is best os in UNIX flavors Solaris or HP-UX or IBM –AIX or Linux

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where the NIS will be actually used (Situation)

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what is the major problem u faced in u r carrier or in u r present company

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what is SMF service? And what it does in Solaris 10

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what is the diff between Sol9 and Sol10 Booting procedure

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why u can't go for windows& why u chosen UNIX

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what is milestone and what is use of it in Solaris

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what r the files that the SVM perfumes

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what is State database replica?

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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions

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