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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions
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if u have given to install Solaris on Intel machine with more fast (70% to 80% compare to SPARC) then how can u install

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what is the use of Jumpstart in Solaris and how can u configure it

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in this what is the configuration of .profile file and the other files

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what r the configuration files for SAMBA and how can u configure samba on network with windows machines

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u have 10 solaris boxes and u have given to add 200 users? At fast how can u add the 200 users?

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what r the daemons have been started when u install Veritas

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what r the daily responsibilities of u as a system administrator

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About ARP protocol?

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wht is the difference between mkfs & newfs.... is there any difference..b/w both of them.?

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hi to all,, i need few real time issues please provide me,, if you have any,,,


what are the common errors you find in Solaris Volume manager?

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What is the difference between failing and failed disks?

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what are the various layouts that are available in VxVM?

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Custom jumpstart works on which protocol? or What basis custom jumpstart works on?

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What is the procedure to do kernel patching?

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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions

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