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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions
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how to see nfs server from the client and the share directories

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how to create nis master,slave,client

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what are the deamons for nis server,nis slave,nis client

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user trying to login the system says invalid passwd but when u see the user in the nis master the user exists so what will be the problem and how to fix it

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what is sticky bit,setuid setgid and setfacl used for

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booting process in solaris

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types of installations in solaris

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software distribution in solaris

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How to findout particular file in the backup tape with the help of ufsdump

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what is zone configuration file?

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how to see open ports?

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how to delete a zone?

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What are the packages for DNS?

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How can u configure DNS & configuration files

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What r the daemons for DNS , Veritas, Apache,NFS Server & Client

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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions

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