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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions
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how will u create user with out asking a password?

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how u will recover the disk group

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how to use Multipathing in Solaris

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how can u view installed packages

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what is the disadvantage of 'tar' command?

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how to take backup and restore with Ufsdump and Ufsrestore and full backup

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what is the use of TCP wrappers

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how u can perform security to users?

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what r the configuration files for rlogin and ssh

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how u can configure the Crontab and how many fields in Crontab file

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how u can push the user details in NIS

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what r the port numbers for HTTP and DNS

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which hardware u using present

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what r the packages for intel machine when u install

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which is the fast SPARC or Intel ? and why?

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IBM Solaris AllOther Interview Questions

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