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why you want to work in bpo

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why you want to work in bpo..

Answer / chenji harish

working in bpo will improve communication skills.

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why you want to work in bpo..

Answer / mohammad adil khan

I want to be make my career in this field.And it is only
single field who providing jobs easily with growth as well
as providing good facilities like a cab .

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why you want to work in bpo..

Answer / ankush

Being an experienced on this field I do think this
organization can provide me a right platform towards my
goal. Even I do believe I can get little hick on my salary
by this Company. With these all I do believe this
organization can provide me the position, where I can get
more benifit, more opportunity to groom my career.

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why you want to work in bpo..

Answer / santanu chakraborty

I have been working in BPO sector for 6 yrs now. I want to
make a career in the same.

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