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IBM Interview Questions
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The command grep first second third /usr/you/myfile a) prints lines containing the words first, second or third from the file /usr/you/myfile b) searches for lines containing the pattern first in the files second, third, and /usr/you/myfile and prints them c) searches the files /usr/you/myfiel and third for lines containing the words first or second and prints them d) replaces the word first with the word second in the files third and /usr/you/myfile e) None of the above

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Under Data Transfer Portion of ABAP, what do you mean by DX Project


what is the format of the text used in sapscript

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What is KPO?

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How many bytes will be allocated for the following record description entries? 01 REC-A. 05 A PIC S9(4). 05 B PIC XXXBXXX. 05 C PIC ____9.99. 05 D PIC S9(5) COMP-3. 05 E PIC 9(3) COMP.

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The hierarchy of the execution of logical operators is (a) NOT AND OR (b) AND OR NOT (c) OR AND NOT (d) OR NOT AND

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GO TO stmt which of the following is not true A) GO TO stmt is not essential in the sense that it is possible to write programs without using GO TO B) The target of the GO TO stmt being a procedure name avoiding GO TO result in a program with no procedure name C) Indiscriminate use of GO TO stmt can make the control structure program substantially complex D) Too many GO TO stmts make a program difficult to understand

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how do we do unit testing in mainfrmae. explain step-wise.

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What are the diff ways to check a date field in a website?

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how to maintain sessions in jsp?can you tellme the methods.

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How many different types of indexes we have in oracle?

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How to get the operating system's information in unix?

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How to rename files and folders?

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what are the differences between CUI and GUI interfaces?

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IBM Interview Questions

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