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IBM SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions
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when we need to close the production order, before the manufacturing or after the manufacturing

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One component 2 times assign to bom

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what are the problems you faced in MRP?


i have one particular part 'A'. it is available in two storage location X & Y. when i run MRP, I don't want MRP to consider stock that are available in storage location Y. what should be done

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Without routing we can create production order..?? If yes how....?

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If you are not assign components to workcenter then wt will be happen..??


What is work center? what are the standard things have to maintain....

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What is default values at work center

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One work center can assign 2 cost center and one cost can assign to different work center.

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How many standard value keys can you mention at work center

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One component we can assign to workcenter at routing


What is MTO & MTS

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If production order released for 100 pieces you done GR for 50 pieces and technically closed, after some days you can do GR for 50 pieces

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What is gap

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What is number range and where will be configure

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IBM SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions

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