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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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types of windows in smartforms?difference between them?

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what are the types of lists in pf-status in mod pool?

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Have you worked with support? How ticket comes to you? What were the timings for resolving tickets types of severity?


What are the developments you have done with data dictionary?

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What are the developments you have done with Modulepool?

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What is parameter id? Where you can find parameter id for a field?

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Suppose there is check box along with the rows. The requirement is, select the require check boxes and press a used defined button to save all these checked row data to another table. How can you do it?


How to put checkbox against a row in ALV display?

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What was the purpose of the BADI you have used?

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What was the requirement of IDoc in your project? How it was working?


What are the steps need to setup before creating an IDoc?

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During performance analysis you found one select statement taking long time. How to correct it?

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How do you get your task to perform?

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How do you create secondary index. Do you have access to create secondary index?

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Is multiple implementation possible for one BADI definition? If possible the how can you know that which BADI is active.

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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