i have a wf like wf-->s1-->s2-->s3-->s4
first start s1 later s2
later s3 here my session s3 have to run 3 times later start s4?

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i have a wf like wf-->s1-->s2-->s3-->s4 first start s..

Answer / ankit

I believe this can be achieved through Assignment task set a
variable var = var+1 & check mod(Var/3)=0 .

Other not so good approach as you are increasing more code.
create S3 in another workflow & call it from PMCMD command.

Please let me know if some one has a better approach .

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i have a wf like wf-->s1-->s2-->s3-->s4 first start s..

Answer / abhinaw prakash

We have have the workflow as
Here in the command task u can call the workflow having only
that particular session(S3).

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i have a wf like wf-->s1-->s2-->s3-->s4 first start s..

Answer / gazulas



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