What is Aging Periods?

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What is Aging Periods?..

Answer / san

Aging periods nothing but the periods that we setup to
control and maintain the supplier outstanding bill towards
the invoice. form this we can able to study the due date of
the supplier form the generation of invoice . following is
setup for define aging periods Ap= setup-calancer-define
their your select .Aging periods then define your own aging

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What is Aging Periods?..

Answer / trupti

Use the Aging Periods window to define time periods for the Invoice Aging Report. The Invoice Aging Report provides information about invoice payments due during four periods you specify. Payables displays the invoice information in four columns. Each column corresponds to one period.

When you submit the Invoice Aging Report, you select the type of aging periods to use for the report.

For example, you define one type of aging period called Weeks Past Due, and define the following periods for Weeks Past Due: 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks, and Over 3 Weeks. You also define a type of aging period called Current, and define the following periods for Current: Due in More than 3 Weeks, Due in 3 Weeks, Due in 2 Weeks, and Due in 1 Week. When you submit the report, if you select Weeks Past Due for the Type parameter, Payables reports on the four periods with that type.

You can use the Aging Periods window to modify or reorder the periods within an aging period type at any time.

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