What is Tolerance?

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What is Tolerance?..

Answer / tarun

Tolerance is basically use for determine the variance between given and receive source.

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What is Tolerance?..

Answer / pawan dua

Tolerance is Permissiveness; it means upto what extent
(positive or negative) an organization can accept the
commitment of transaction. For Example; in a purcahsing
module, tolerance can be fixed for quantity (5% + or -) or
period tolerance (5 days prior or later to commitment for
receiving goods).

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What is Tolerance?..

Answer / san

Tolerance is the word its self say that it define the
tolerance or limite for the transaction for example inovice
tolerance towards the Price tolerance, quanity order or rec
tolerranc ext. we can set our own tolerance .

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What is Tolerance?..

Answer / mohammed sameer

By setting tolerence it means how much business can
tolerate gain or loss on basis of percentage or amount!

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