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IBM Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What is the procedure of: Analysis of invoice holds and getting them released in Accounts Payables.

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what kind of necessary AP information u gather from the client.

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Give examples & explain the below mentioned activity. "Analyzing the documents provided by the client and thereby identifying the test cases to be tested for the application assigned (FA, AP and GL)"


what are the key flex fields in oracle payables?

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How do you adjust receivables?


what is the meaning of importing journal

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Intercompany setup in oracle applications with transaction processing

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What is profitability? How do you map 'segment wise profitability' in Oracle?

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How to refund for a customer who returns goods and wants a refund for $600 in R12 In above scenarios customer does not want Credit Memo or On- Account Credit, he wants refund check . and as we know we do not issue check from AR. How can we issue Check from AP and how offsetting is done for the same in R12

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What is Difference between Internal Sales order and Intercompany Sales order ? How they are Different in 11i and R12

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what is the use of below profile options while configure multiorg? 1. HR: Security Profile 2. MO: Security Profile 3. GL Set of books name 4. MO: Operating Unit 5. HR: User type

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what is the md50 document and explain

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tell me the ap period end process

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What is the use of detail,in detail and summaray

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Tell me cash management mandatory setups

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IBM Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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