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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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If One session is processed, where can You see the processed session?

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I have one selection screen field which is meant for only display what will You do?

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I want to give a input/output field on list , where can I define it?

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How do we create the Field exits?

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Explain the way(s) you find an exit(s) to a given standard sap program?

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1.In report, we should have to write events in sequential order or not,if we write events insequential then what will be the drawback and if we will sequential what will be the advantage. 2.what is the fucnction of end-of-selection even? if we would not write this event in report what will happen? event will trigger before the initialization,and at selection-screen event or after these two event.

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1.Can we see the output without print program in sap script,and can we fetch the data without printprogram?if yes how,pls reply in details. 2.What is table control in BDC? how can we handled in bdc? pls reply in details

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whats the difference between range & select-option??

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if while coding power goes off , how to retrieve the codes?


stock transfer from one plant to another plant ? i want the total description.


without debugging key how can i debug function module?

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Wats the difference between package and devolopment class??

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In sap script how to print bar code in vertical manner


if i want to insert 10 laks MM records and for inserting one record it takes 1 min by using call transaction or session method . so here is there any alternative

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how will u extract sales doc. number of corresponding billing doc. number with out using select query

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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