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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions
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In ECC6 can we change the number of dialog workprocesses without restarting the system and with out using operation modes?

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Hi, I have a question ,suppose all users are unable to login into (sap system including basis administrator)then what are the ways to check the system and how to unlock it.

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HiAll, Could you please tell me the whole process of TMS configuration,export,import and when to use Tcode se09 in this process. Thanks in advance, Ravi

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there are 500 users logged into the sap system, the system goes down and one cannot login using sapgui. Whyen check the workprocess from dpmon the dialog workprocesses are free. what action does one take as basis consultant

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How often u do the SSO Cofiguration...

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wha is the purpose of parameters tab in su01?

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what is the difference between user buffer and table buffer?

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when user sends su53 report how do you which of his roles you need to modify?

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If you don't have authorization for executing suim tcode,how do you get user reports?can you access usr* tables in se16 without authorizations for suim?

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while installing ecc6 which oracle files need to be maintained on different disks?

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of the two client copy methods remote and export-import which method lets you copy to different r/3 version? which method requires both systems to be on same support pack level?

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if a user says he couldn't print more than 312 records,what will you do?

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if somebody changes printer configuration or say,deletes printer,how do you find who did it?

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I am receiving the warning during the backup BKI1224W: Unable to initialize connection to Administration Assistant. there is no problem for backup, it finishes successfully. does anyone have answer to correct it with procedure please.

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how to send an email from EP Portal.

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IBM SAP Basis Interview Questions

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