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IBM DB2 Interview Questions
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pls explain the precompilation process of cobol-db2 pgm

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i have an employment table whch has salary,dept,name? i want salary b/w 1000 to 5000 can anyone pls say the query for ths ?

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what is main use of table space and index object? please its urgent

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What is an EXPLAIN in DB2. How and what is the steps followed in EXPLAIN command. Can all the queries be used in EXPLAIN command to check the performance.

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How can i install db2 9.x on AIX based system..? plz reply the detailed steps involved....?


what is the steps followed in EXPLAIN Process or EXPLAIN command. (Explain is for identifying the optimized access path but how or what is the steps for doing the EXPLAIN)

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Suppose we have a query for update update table1 set col1 = 'val1' where col2=(select .... from ...) suppose the subquery does not return any record, what will happen to update?

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How can you validate Sql errors during cursor operation in db2 pgms and where do you code?


is it possible to get -811 error when you use cursors. why?

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DB2: A calls B once sucessfull and second time when it calls says curson is open why is it so?

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can you use symbolic parameters in JOB?

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in GDG: is it poosible to copy records from a file which utilizes some 100 cylinders to a gdg whose model is defined as trk(1,0) and also it possible to copy 100 bytes file to 80 bytes file?

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How to solve S0C7 abend with out using DISPlay in 10 mins?

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What is usage pointer in cobol?

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Parm value passed is PARM=(10,20). how do code linkage section and how would you add these two passes values and show result in cobol program.

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IBM DB2 Interview Questions

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