What is usage pointer in cobol?

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What is usage pointer in cobol?..

Answer / nidhi

1. Its declared without a pic clause. Only "usage is pointer" is declared for the variable.
2. Its a 4 byte variable used to hold address of variables in linkage sectio only.
3. "seT ADDRESS OF VAR-LINK-SEC TO POINTER-VAR" is how we get address into pointer var.

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What is usage pointer in cobol?..

Answer / varalakshmi

You can use pointer data items when you want to accomplish limited base addressing,
particularly when you want to pass and receive addresses of a variably located record

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What is usage pointer in cobol?..

Answer / sriram

Declare a pointer as an elementary data item bearing the
USAGE IS POINTER clause, with no PICTURE. E.g:

EXAMPLE-P is a four-byte field which can store the address
of any data item. Unless you're interfacing COBOL to
Assembler or something, you really don't care what the
pointer looks like internally. It's just a piece of magic
which enables you to access the thing it's pointing to.

Please let me know if I am wrong

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