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IBM DB2 Interview Questions
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What are the functions of Bind?

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There is a 5000 EMP in we find out the 5th highest getting salary employee outof 5000 employes........

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How to resolve SQL Code -310. The db table feild is declared as Decimal(7,2).

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A Table feild is declared as Decimal(7,2). I want to insert the decimal in to this column thru cobol-db2 program. How should I declare my local input file variable or any suggestion?

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Hello All, We have requirment to Replace BMC Db2 Load product thru CA FAST LOADPlus product. Do anyone have JCL to for FAST LOADPLUS and what all are thing need to take in consideration.


Say CUST Table contains records like: CUSTNO CUSTNAME CUSTLOC 100 ABC SSS 200 XYZ 300 PQR 400 MNO WWW 500 CVV ------------- ------------- Now write a query to retrieve all records with CUSTLOC no data.

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How to insert more than one record using insert?

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How to update more then one record using update?

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if one db2 pgm calls another db2 pgm. how many plans do we need. what r the steps involved..

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What techniques will be used to avoid deadlock??

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how can we find nth max salary from A table

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how do you resolve -818 error in db2. where we have to see time stamp token. i said by seeing in load module and plan .is it correct or not. give clear explination for how to see time stamp token

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how to resolve -811

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how to resolve -805. give clear explination for that

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how to fetch first 100 rows in db2

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IBM DB2 Interview Questions

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