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IBM DB2 Interview Questions
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when i am trying to update a table having 1000 rows. the program we will come to know the last successful updated row was. we are not using any commit operations

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how to resolve -811 sqlcode .give clear explaination

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how to resolve -811 error. give clear explination

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how to resolve -805 . how to see dbrm and package not found

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when we are trying to update db2 rows. if the program abends . how we will know that the last successful update row was

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how to resolve -818 error. how to see timestamp token in load module and plan

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Bind concepts in DB2 cobol

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Is it Possible to declare or create a cursor for UPDATE of table? If yes tell me how? If no Tell me why?

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what are the bind parameters?

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how to delete perticular row from table for ex. how you will delete 3rd row from table please answer THANKS IN ADVANCE

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Plan is an executable form of sql statements,But what exactly resides inside a Plan. what are the details inside Plan.

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Plan has the optimized access path in it. But is that optimized access path is attained or known

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i want to delete 20th million record how ?

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how can we retrieve the 100 records of the file ?

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wht r the requirements for writing a cobol-db2 pgm ?

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IBM DB2 Interview Questions

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