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IBM QTP Interview Questions
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What is difference between function and procedure?

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how will b the questions if we keep one QTP project in CV.please tell me iam attending an interview.

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Hi. I have completed B.TECH(CS) , But I will go to "SECURITY CONSOLE OPERATING" [C.C CAMERA abservation]. IF interviwer asks " Why you choose this job ?" What we will say? urgent.........................urgent...........


What is the difference between QTP 8.2 object repository and QTP 9.2 object repository Any body have an please give Answer Mail id:

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what is the Vbscript to connect Database

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how do you done Data-driven test using MS-Word Instead of DataTable

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What is the difference between Dim And Redim

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How do you done Data-Driven Testing using MS-Word. What is the script for that

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what is difference between wait and synchronization point.

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How to create a run time propertyfor an object?

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Hi Guys, I am very new to QTP tool , In real time environment how to test the application with this tool, 1. How to load application in QTP tool 2. How to write test script in QTP. 3. In manual testing we test login box (user id , password) how can we test this kind of testing with QTP tool with examples . Please guys put some focus on my questions , real time ecperienced answers would be appreciate, advance thanks ,please guys i am expecting ur answers as soon as posible

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QTP 1.What type of bugs u commonly find in u r project? 2.what is agile testing explain with example? 3.application is given req n functionality r missing then how can u start testing? 4.what r the types of defect tracking tools? 5.what is functionality testing? 6.what is change req how u use it? 7.diff bet gul n functional testing? 8.test cases for IE 6.0? 9.where do u store test cases? 10.what r design objects in qtp? 11.what r 5 types of objects in qtp? to change .mtr to .tsr n vice versa? which situations qtp will not recoznize objects? to call .vbs fuctions, library files in qtp? 15.if 10 windows r ope write command to close all windows in qtp? 16from what stage u start automation in u r project? 17.what is VSS? it is usedin automationr manual? 18.size of object repository? to conduct GUI testing n performance testing on MS-Word? what r performance TEST CASES? 20. use of virtual objects explain? to connect buzilla with qtp? 22. what is API ? to merge 2 object repositories in qtp? 24.what is recovery scenario manager? 25. diff bet link n hyper link? 26.diff bet test case n test case scenario? 27.what is relational testing? 28.where do we write test cases? 29.what is base line in testing? 30.what r key process areas(KPA) in u r company? 31.what is hot fix? 32.what is sql injection? 33.what is valnerability? 34.what is TOM in qtp? 35.can we do qtp testing with out creating objects in object repository? can we completely write code in expert view only? 36.where we cant do automation testig? give example using OR is a advantage r a disadvantage?

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To retrive the test data which tool vl use and whats basis u vl write test data? its urgent


Whats the realtime QTP testing process


How can i initiate the objects to find uniquely in OR


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IBM QTP Interview Questions

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