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i want to delete 20th million record how ?

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i want to delete 20th million record how ?..

Answer / rajesh

Hope this will do.

delete from tbname where rowcount(*) = 200000 ;

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i want to delete 20th million record how ?..

Answer / sxion045

WHERE X=20000000;

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i want to delete 20th million record how ?..

Answer / ratheesh nellikkal

Hi All,

I don't think RR and ROWCOUNT works in DB2 for LUW.
So you could go for another option.
Row_number() Over() function you can use for this puspose.

delete from (
select row_number() over() as row_num from
where row_num=20000000;

where TEST is my schema name and
TABLE_TEST is my test table.

Cheers Guys.
Ratheesh Nellikkal

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i want to delete 20th million record how ?..

Answer / magesh

delete from (select row_number() over() as COLUMN1 from
where COLUMN1=20000000;

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