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IBM Business Objects Interview Questions
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How to delete the duplicate colums in a sql table ?

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it is possible to link two universes of separate functional domain ?

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how u link universes of same functional domain ?

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Can Bo generates the reports from cubical data ? Explain?

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What is the difference between the Webintelligence and desktopintelligence?

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What is the strategies ? what is the need of the strategies?

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What is the merge dimension?

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Can we do the slice and dice in webintellegence?

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how to prepare the documentation in business objects and where to get the requirement?


What is #DATASYNC error how to remove it?

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Did you face any problems while creating reports? Name? Solutions?


How to open a universe with out using the Designer ??

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what is the new tool introduce in BOXI r3 compare with boxi r2, can any one tell and what is the differences between boxir3 and boxi4.0 thanx in advance

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what are the tables used in health care domain project and columns used in report?


what is the difference between breaks and sections?

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IBM Business Objects Interview Questions

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