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IBM Business Objects Interview Questions
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what is performance tunning in BO in report level& designer level?

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What type of schemas did you use in your project?Andwhy did you use that schema

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you have two tables table 1 contains emp id,name and deptno and tble 2 contains only depatment number some of the depatment no of 1st table are not present in table 2 how will you create a report only to get the departments of which excess in table 1

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Example of how the fantraps and chasm traps works?

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What are the types of errors you faced while creating a report from two different data providers

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What are the types of errors you faced while creating a report from two different data providers

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What are the general problems that are faced while importing the .biar files and what is the solution to overcome it in business objects?


how to test the reports if there are multiple sql statements?i,e if there is 1 single sql statement we can copy it and paste it in TOAD or someother tools to test it but if we have multiple sql statements in a single query????

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What is the difference b/w breaks and sections

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How to get the data from the two different sourcess

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What is self join

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What is global filters and local filters

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What is detailed Object

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Can we link the Universes from two different sourcess?Explain?

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In a context can i get the data from two different factables by using the single data provider?

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IBM Business Objects Interview Questions

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