draw single line diagram of UPS

draw single line diagram of UPS..

Answer / tharan

(a.c) supply converter to (d.c) to battery and converter to
ups ac supply outgoing..

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1.ZEBRA conductor(large size) 2.KUNDHA conductor( small size ) 3.panther conductor(very small ) 4.lepard conductor (very very small)

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my question is that....few days ago i had installed a three phase motor starter for an electric saw.the motor will run and make the hydraulic pressure which will be goes to pressure cylender by up and down lever.two number of limitswitches are also installed on cylinder for safety of motor.now when the arm of cylinder reaches to the upper or lower limit it will cut the motor's line.and motor will be stop.now wana know that what will i do that motor runs continue after the limitswitch cut it down but it shold not be made any pressure.pls answer me in brief.

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