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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Program for Prime numbers and Matrix plz explain me the procedural method with steps


what is the transaction code for asset master transaction

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How do we debug sap script?

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What is the difference between User Exits and BADI?

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what is the use of free and refresh?

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What is runtime analysis? Have you used this?

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what is the difference between view and join

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difference between enhancement and modifying

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what is the print program used to change the status of IDOC from 03-12.

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what is the Tcode to send customer master data to another system.

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what is the syntax for eliminating duplicate values in internal table.

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difference between bapi and rfc

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difference between user exit and bdi

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difference between bapi and lsmw

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In the function module for reading text from the S.O header what needs to be specified?

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IBM SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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