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IBM Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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tell about ur self,what do u know about call center n iam an Be graduate how i should answer



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Respected sir,madam this is jyoti ranjan intersted for(BPO/CALLCENTER) so if u would send 2 me all types of BPO/CALLCENTER question then i shall greatfull 2 you.thanking you.


How to Start PRI round(Personal introduction round) how to end it,how much time shld be taken in this round. guys please answer very clearly so every one can understand and i really apprecitae you reply.hope this will help every one in there life how is going to face this round.its a genrall and very first round.

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what is the definition of quality

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what are the works of team leader in call center

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what color do you like

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why r u want to join call centre?

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what u'll do if you get stuck while you are working on some imp work on PC or How you will save you document when PC get stuck

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Given a chance to have sex with among the clients How would you proceed?

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what is the salary of IBM processor?


i'm a m.c.a student. how to give a perfect self introduction. in what order i should tell about my educational qualification.

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As per the QA parameters, what is the feature of a good call?

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pls, tell me that what are want bpo as that qualification, technical, work experience.

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Hi Friends, Can anyone send me a Six Sigma question bank with answers on my email id : I am a quality manager in a Mulitnational Company. I have to design a question paper for my already trained green belts and black belts. I had a great knowledge base on six sigma at my home pc but since the mother board has gone bad and it has gobe for repair, I am not able to design a question paper. Please send me a question bank if anyone of you has it. I know that these things are really valuable but I would be highly obliged if you can do this favour. I would look forward to a long professional relationship with that individual. Thanks


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IBM Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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