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IBM JCL Interview Questions
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When cursor is not closed what is the error?

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I have an job having three job steps.Suppose i want to call a pgm in step2 and aproc in step3.How to write the code?

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i have a jcl calling proc which has 10 steps, i want to execute from step5 to step10, where can i code RESTART and COND parameter?

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i have a jcl calling proc which has 10 steps, i want to execute from step5 to step10, where can i code RESTART and COND parameter?

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please could u tell me the difference between SORT, SYNCSORT,CA-SORT, DFSORT,

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wht r different types of sort fields in jcl ?

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how to convert fb to vb in jcl ?

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i have a base gdg consisting of 12 versions like jan to dec. i need to concatante this gdg to another gdg which have version 1 or to the base gdg itself can anyone give me the code pls ?

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i have a file which contains duplicates ? my requirement is to eliminate duplicates and these elminated duplicates should be moved to another file can any code this using sort ?

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can u explain gdg with example wht happens if we give limit,empty,noempty,scartch and no scartch

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Hi Please try to be to-the-point. 1) How to INCLUDE a JCL segment in a JOB ? (A Small example) 2) What is SPOOL and what is SPOOL FULL ? and how to direct the output of a Jobstep to SPOOL ?

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What is 'mounting' of volumes ? Is there anything that a programmer can do in it ? How to find currently mounted volume ?


How to find the UNIT and VOLUME of a (a) KEPT (b) UNCATALOGED and (c) CATALOGED dataset - using (i) JCL and using (ii) ISPF ?


What is TimeStamp, What is TimeStamp error and What is the Abend Code for TimeStamp Error ?

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Is there GOTO and SWITCH-CASE available in JCL ? Is IF-THEN-ELSE available in JCL also just like it is available for VSAM datasets under Model Commands category ?

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IBM JCL Interview Questions

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