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What is a GDG

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What is a GDG..

Answer / aannie

A generation data set is one of a collection of
successive, historically related, cataloged data sets,
known as a generation data group (GDG). Each data set
within a generation data group is called a generation data
set (GDS) or generation.
? Processing Generation Data Groups
? Absolute Generation and Version Numbers
? An absolute generation and version number is used
to identify a specific generation of a generation data
? The generation and version numbers are in the
form GxxxxVyy, where xxxx is an unsigned 4-digit decimal
generation number (0001 through 9999) and yy is an unsigned
2-digit decimal version number (00 through 99)
? Relative Generation Number
As an alternative to using absolute generation and
version numbers when cataloging or referring to a
generation, we can use a relative generation number.
For example, A.B.C(-1). A.B.C(+1), or A.B.C(0).

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What is a GDG..

Answer / jegadeesan ramu

Used to keep track of the records in chronological order to
create gdg base name must be created by using IBM utility

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What is a GDG..

Answer / dhan

Generation Data Groups (GDGs) are a group of datasets related to each other by a common name.
GDG generation file is referred by a GDG base name.
Each generation data set is distinguished by others by the generation number.

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What is a GDG..

Answer / ks

It is nothing but Generation data group keeps the track of
the new generations by deleting the older ones based on the

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