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IBM JCL Interview Questions
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If I defined space as TRK(10,10) for the one file and lrecl = 4K then tell me how many record will vsam file will contain. will it 1,2,3,4,5 or how many,

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can we write a proc with in a proc

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what is the compile process of cobol program expalin with code


can we modify the code in copy book? if it possible how to submit ofter the modification.

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lines(1,cancel)??What is meant by that??Plz explain it....

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what is static and dynamic call with examples?

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How to concatenate different LRECL of files?

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In how ways you can pass the data from Jcl to cobol ?

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How to execute step2,step5,step7 of a proc of 10 steps? You are not allowed to change in JCL.

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i have a ps with two columns eno and ename , i need to copy eno column values in one ps and ename column values in one Ps ? is it possible through iebgener . how ? thx in advance

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how to run batch program without jcl?

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If Region=0k means What Happen?

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In my JCL 10 Steps Will Be there Now i want to execute step05 And step06. How to Give the Cond?

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How to Enter The Spool Area In Real Time?

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how many types of sorts are there in jcl?

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IBM JCL Interview Questions

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