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what is confirm dimension ?

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / kshatri

Conformed Dimensions (CD): These dimensions are something
that is built once in your model and can be reused multiple
times with different fact tables.

For example, consider a model containing multiple fact
tables, representing different data marts. Now look for a
dimension that is common to these facts tables. In this
example, let us consider that the product dimension is
common and hence can be reused by creating short cuts and
joining the different fact tables. Some of the examples are
time dimension, customer dimensions, product dimension.

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / balaji

In the schema which dimension shared by multiple fact table
that dimension is called confirmed dimension.

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / sivakumar.v

Confirm dimension;

Confirm Dimension which is used to link more then 0ne fact
table or data mart.

For ex;
In our project, we have created five data mart of different
subject area ,our client requirements is to create a report
by linking all the data mart or subject area .To achieve
that report we linked all the data mart through Person
confirmed dimension .

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / chary

Confirm dimension is a dimension which is connected with
more than one fact table.We can say date dimension is the
confirm dimension.

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / naveen

Confirmed Dimension, it is a dimension linked with two fact

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / handy

A confirmed Dimension (CD) is a dimension which is shared by
different fact tables.

For examples, there are different data marts are there say
Loans, Deposits, Withdrawals this there is a
dimension called Date which is common to all. We can link to
different datamarts using a common dimension called Date in
this example.

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / kvchowdary

A dimension that carries the same meaning across the
different fact tables is called conformed dimension
conformed dimension are a must to put a no of datamarts
together to create a enterprise datawarehouse

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / rajesh

Confirmed Dim means a dimensions which is connected with
the two fact tables
suppose we have two fact tables like sales and production
link with dimension product dimension here Product is the
confirmed dimesion

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / vijaya

It is a time dimension,A dimension table connected with all
the fact tables.

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what is confirm dimension ? ..

Answer / ratna

if aprimary key act as a fk in more then fact tablethen it
is known as cd

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