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Answer / jm hemakumar

if u r a fresher
u have to tell ur name, highest qualification,secured
%,place(where u did),schooling & personal details(family
members etc.,)

if u r experinced person
u have to tell ur name,designation, ur present
company,location,how many years of experince,highest
qualification and u can tell ur Achievments or projects.

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Answer / mahesh k


2.Educational Qualification including your P.U or +2 and
Schooling with what degree you have done and name of the

3. Work Experience with Designation, name of the Company
and period.

4. Additional Qualification

5. Hobbies

6. Strengths

7. Family Background (Optional)

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Answer / mayank juyal

Friends this question seems to be easy, but is not that
easy to answer.

First of all just think about these questions:

1) What exactly is the question??
2) Why HRs ask this question??
3) And what I am supposed to say???

Of Corse question is to tell about you.
So try to talk about your self more, instead of telling
him/her about your father, mother or family. HR is least
concern to know what ur father do or how many sisters u
have. Hr is more interested to know about what u have done
and what all qualities you have.
If u think it’s very important to tell about your family,
and then restrict yourself to very few words.
So point is: Try to tell him only about yourself.
You can talk about:
* Your Schooling.
*Post Graduation.
*Your subject of interest.
* Your hobbies
*Your strengths
*Your Weakness. (Also tell, what are you doing to improve
on ur weakness)
*Your future plans (optional)
And for god sake don’t try to mug up all these things, and
then say in interview.
It will surely reflect that u have done a good home work to
remember those lines one by one like a poem or a song.
So speak it slowly, naturally and confidently.

Now question still left “Why this is HR’s pet question??
Answer is pretty straight; they want to test ur
communication skills and your confidence.
As in IT industry u will be working in different location,
u will be interacting wit different ppl, in teams, and may
be interacting wit your clients sitting in US, so they want
ppl who can communicate well and can explain what they want
and understand what others wants form them.

I hope this will help you in some extent, and will help you
in preparing for your interview. All the best 

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Answer / muthu

Well,As you know Iam MuthuRamalingam from karaikudi which
is little near to Trichy in the part of TamilNadu. I born
and brought up in Tamilnadu itself.

My Education Qualifiacation are I did my schooling in
st.Arulanandar Hr.sec school at oriyur. After my schooling,
I finished my graduation of Bsc c.s from Naina Mohamed
college of Arts and science in 2003 that is affiliated to
Bharathidasan University at trichy. After finishing my
graduation, I have done my MCA from Alagappa University in

Then I got selected in Solidus Multitech pvt ltd in
bangalore and having around 2 yrs exp in Microsoft .NET
technologies such as,, and other tool
such as Ms sql server,Flat Text file,photoshop and

Here you should specify your experience on your projects...

My career objective is Looking forward for a better carrer
in Organization

My strengths are dedications....willingness to walk an
extra mile to achieve my career.
Iam very eager to learn new technologies

My weakness are.....

About my family background:
My father is a retired headmaster and mother is a homemaker
and i have 4 sisters and don't have brothers.

About my hoppies:

singing song,playing cricket and watching TV

That is it..

Good luck

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Answer / sriniva

Hai, This is Srinivas Come From lppuram,which is small near
to KKD.
Now I
am working as a Software Developer in ADVANZ TECHNOLOGIES
at Hyderabad since May 2005 to till now. I have gained
2.7 Years of Experience as Oracle Database Programmer
(Oracle9i,SQL, PL/SQL) on UNIX.

My Education Qualification are,
I did my schooling in zppHigh school Tallarevu with an
aggregation of 73%,I have done my Intermediate in Ideal
college KKD with an aggregation of 54%, ,I have finished
my Under Graduation Degree as B.SC. in Chaitanya College
KKD with an aggregation of 60% ,and I have Completed my
Post Graduation as MCA in Bsr College Rjy with an
aggregation of 66%,.
My father is a former and my mother
is home maker.I have three brother’s and one sister.
My hobbies are listen little bit
music, playing cricket, and some english novels.
I am an hardworking, ambitious and bit romantic,
I am ready to learn new Technology, I am very active,
positive thinker, I have been good learning skills,

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Answer / rajesh kumar

Well its my pleasure to introduce my self to you .

I am Rajesh Kumar. I am perusing MBA with specializations of
Marketing and H.R from International Management Center
.Which is approved from AICTE, and this going to complete in
this month
so I am trying to enter my foot step in corporate world by
getting my fist job. where I can apply all my theoretically
knowledge which I have learn during my MBA curriculum in a
practical way.
For the past 2 Year , I have successfully progressed to
increase my knowledge and skill in the field of Marketing.

I have always been energetic , and good team player either
it has the Presentation in my institute or it is project
work or even game.
I have gained additional skills of Computer while working
in my summer training and also when I was working for the
making a annual report of a company where I have done my
summer training
Recently, I have done some Project work and Marketing
Research. So my MBA course knowledge and my recent
experience in Project work , both aspect make me capable to
start my career in the field of marketing and Provide best
effort to my employer .

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Answer / naveen

i am naveen and i am pursuing B.E. in computer science from
mdu with an aggregate degree of 65% and i have done my
schooling from DPS Maruti Kunj.My father is a technician
and mother homemaker.As far as my interest areas are
concerned they are surfing on net and programing,exploring
new things,loves to interact with the people moreover i am
a happy go lucky guy who desires to shine in the darkest
hour of life.

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Answer / a.thangamani

I am A.Thangamani,doing my III MCA in NGM college pollachi,
and completed by UG as B.Com under the same college with an
aggregate of 79% and completed my schooling in A.M.S well
recognised school in my town,iam second daughter of my
father and mother. father working for an pulic limited
company, mother is an housewife. my hobbies listening to
muisc and livechatting with my friends. very much intrested
in learning new things.

+ve - confidence, smile
-ve - quick depressed

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Answer / rajadurai

I am rajadurai,system engineer in vel group at avadi.
I have been working since 2005 to till now.
I have completed Msc Comp.Sci in rajah's college.
which is located at pudukkottai.I have done my basic degree
also same college.I did my schooling in governmet higher
sec school at thanjavur ,which is also my native place.
and my strengths are
I can tune myself into any new environments.
I have good learning skills,I perfectly fit into a team.

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Answer / balasubramaniam

GOUNDER MAHALINGAM college Pollachi,with an aggregate 75%
and completed by UG BCA in KARPAGAM ARTS and SCIENCE
COLLEGE Eachanri with an aggregate of 60% and completed my
schooling in P.K.D Matric Hr.Sec School well recognised
school in my town,i am only one son of my father and
mother. Father was expired, Mother is an housewife. My
hobbies hearing to muisc and live chatting with my friends.
very much intrested in learning new things.

+ve - Confidence, Smile and Boldness to talk
-ve - Quick Depressed

Now i am working in SYSTECH INFOVATIONS Software company
coimbatore from the date of April 22 2008

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