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IBM Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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How will you get the concurrent program output as email?

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The report output is 10 pages then how many times between pages report trigger will fire?

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what are the pl/sql tables

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1—how we can create multi reports in xml publishers Ans: 2—how to print multi currency,multi language in xml 3—what are the validations in sql*loader 4—where u can get data file 5—where u r putting control file and where the bad file discard file generated 6—how to print external date in xmlp 7—in data file fields terminated by different sybals how you can write code in ctrl file 8—how to use date function in sql*loader 9—which path u have used in sql*loader 10—what are utl file triggers 11—where u can find errorbuf ret code 12 how we can know weather procedure is successfully executed from backend 13—data file contains how many levels 14—what kind of errors u got in discard file 15—how you can skip the records in thr middle of data file and end of data file 16—invoice created and send to the gl but we don’t know the invoice number how we can know 17—where u devlop interface program local syst or server system 18—how we can know how many receipts are created for a po 19—after completion of po interface into base table how we can see etair line header info in single table. 20—how to save a workflow in database in short cut? Can we delete workflow how 21—what are the common errors in workflow 22—strong cursor and weak cursor 23—what is external table where we will use 24—we have 50 record while printing in rdf report we have print 10 records per page how u can do 25—what is the difference between workflow and oracle alert 26—hot to implement muli org in interface approach 27—while loading records if the records no>=10 then all the records should be discarder,then error message populated how you can achieve 28—while picking the sales aorder qty is there in shipping there is no qty then what u will you will do 29—what is the next step after back order 30—if we do any modification in po_headers_v is it effects the base tables 31—what is tca architecture 32—where we can see the invoice payment 33—when selection existing customer in om what you will do 34—how to pass the values for the variables in api. 35—can we use look up values instead of profile options. 35—how to create ldt lct files? 36—how to tranfor on file from one instance to another instance?

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what are external tables? how can we use external table instead of sql * loader to load data from flat file to staging table?

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How we print the multi language in report?can any one give me step bye step explanation.

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whats the use of after parameter form and before report?

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When you run he report you have to get only that particular organization po numbers or item number how can do it?

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IBM Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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