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IBM Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions
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I am insert in data to a table X .Which one is better while writing commit statement After each row inset or after all row insert to table.

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What are file in oracle.


In thet custom.pll what are the events we can write.

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While registering the concurrent program we first do the executable concurrent program and then define it . So why we need to give the application name twice in executable and as well as definitions

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What is multoorg and what is it's level or structure

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In which table or database definition we can find the link of organization and operation units.

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What multi org tables . example - difference between app table non all table . Po_header and po_headers_all

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Except the SRS window in which we can submit the concurrent program.

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What is MO operating units. Why it need to to set this and where .

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What is OM Cycle and What do u mean by Alternate Item

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What repots or concurrent program run to transfer data from Inventory to GL.

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In unix Schell sript what is very 1st line to be wriiten .

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Steps for DFF registration

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How to create multi-layout reports ? If we have 5 layouts , then how to get into the 4th one ?

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After completing Report customization process.suppose we have 10 report parameter in report so, that we re-register that parameter in concurrent program?

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IBM Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

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