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IBM JCL Interview Questions
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What is a JCL Command statement ?

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How many JOB statements a JCL can have ? If there are more than one JOB statements in a JCL, are they submitted in succession or in parallel ?

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If Name is NOT given for a JOB statement, then will it give error or installation will supply it for the JOB ?

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How to release a JOB (from the input queue) held by TYPRUN = HOLD ? and how to see the installation default time after which a JOB will be automatically released ? How to see the list of currently HELD JOBS ?

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How to print the Output to SPOOL using MSGCLASS and SYSOUT ?

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Is Default for MSGCLASS = (1,1) ?

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1) Is CLASS used for assigning Priority (as we say a job having class '6' will run before the job having class '5'? then what is the difference between CLASS and PRTY ? 2) In a same JCL, 2 JOB statements with different Classes and NO PRTY are submitted ? which will run first ? & with different classes and different PRTY also, which will run first now ?

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Can we have a JOBSTEP without any EXEC ?

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Is stepname is a MUST and should be unique also for each JOBSTEP ? or system can supply the stepname for a step which is not given a name by the programmer ?

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Why 16 is used in calculating the DPRTY ? as, DPRTY = (num1, num2), THEN, DPRTY = 16* num1 + num2

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As PARM can supply information to a program ? Can PARM be used to supply information to a cataloged or Inline Procedure also ?

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what is the Difference between SYSIN and PARM ?

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What is default if we don't specify RD parameter at all ?

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What is Automatic Restart ? EXEC PGM = PROG1, RD = R (Is it the Restart of a JOBSTEP or Restarting the execution of the program?) Do we Restart it or it automatically Restarts executing again and again ? Then when it will finish executing ? or After Abending, when we submit it again, then it is Restarted from the Last successful Checkpoint ? If some JOBSTEP is abending, what is the benifit to Restart it, WILL IT NOT ABEND AGAIN if you don't change the LOGIC ?

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What does it mean by Restart and Checkpoint in JCL ? How are checkpoints being taken and what is their usage ? How to use Checkpoint macro on a JOBSTEP ?


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IBM JCL Interview Questions

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