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IBM SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions
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How do you integrate R/3 with CRM

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What is the differance between R/3 AND CRM

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Hi Team, Could you please send me list of interview question on Base Customization, Sales and Services. My mail id is Awaiting to hear from you. Thanks in advance.


what is the solution manager roles in sap crm project? what is the debugging? why are using service process in sap crm? which type of errors comes in complaints and returns? how to create and assign item category in installed base? how to maintain service item for service process? how to use and how to process service contract in sap crm service project? we are missing price entry,which type of errors comes on complaints and return process?

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R/3 to crm Business Partners Replication Through Middle ware ok.. In R/3 Particuler Business partner Like Sold to Party how it come to save in CRM system Sold to Party

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could you please post the Q&A of SAP CRM interview questions and answers on Sales and Service? Pls mail to my email id Shall be grateful for your reply. shilpa


What is partner function? How will you do determination? Why we use?

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IBM SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions

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