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Can we link the Universes from two different sourcess?Explain?

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Can we link the Universes from two different sourcess?Explain?..

Answer / aanonymous

Linked universes are universes that share common components
such as
parameters, classes, objects, or joins.
When you link two universes, one universe has the role of a
core universe, the other a derived universe. When changes
are made in the core universe, they are automatically
propagated to the derived universes.

• The core and derived universe use the same data account,
or database, and the same RDBMS.
• Both must be in the same repository.
• The core universe was exported and re-imported at least
• Must be in the same universe domain
• You are authorized to link the given universe.

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Can we link the Universes from two different sourcess?Explain?..

Answer / rashmi

Yes it is possible

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