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IBM Teradata Interview Questions
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I want to load 1000 rcds using. FL for every 100 records there is a check point.But script failed at 120 records, when we are restarting the script, it starts from last ckpt, but Target table contains populated data but FL doesnt support existing data in target table. How can we load data in FL?

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what is single value and Multivalue ?

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Hi Frnds this que is recently asked at IBM there are two rows like aa6588fhfhf,gru282vbvv. Question is howcan we retrive the first number from two rows. Can any one help thanks in advance

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Hi frnds this question is asked at IBM One query is there when we dont collect stastics on it,exlapin will show us LOW CONFIDENCE,When we collect stastics it shows HIGH CONFIDENCE.WHAT IS THE INTERNAL ARCHITECTURE ACTUALLY GOING ON ?????ASKED ON 23-08-2012 THANKS IN ADVANCE

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IBM QUESTION As all we know PE takes the SQL Request and it will give responce for that query. what is the internal process it is taking that sql from the system????? thanks in Advance

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what is meant by Hot amp?

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Hi frnds...can any one help me regarding this que.. We have column in a table name it as C1 WHICH CONTAIN ALPHANUMERIC AND NUMERIC VALUES. C1 2A 2B 2V 2H 1 2 3 4 5 i want to retrive numeric values like 1,2,3,4,5 How we can get Plz let me know.Thanks in advance

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what is amp plz explanation

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How do you check the performance of Teradata Query and list down the basic Performance Tuning steps you use?

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what is DYNAMIC SQL in TD?

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hi frnds i want to learn teradata utilities and teradata dba real time. i have 1+ years of experience in teradata. so i want to go deeply in Tearada. plz let me know at my email id who r best to learn from. im lookng for a realtime guy in HYD or Banglr. Thanks in advance. Rajesh my email-id:


if collect stats but it show low confidence why?


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IBM Teradata Interview Questions

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