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IBM Teradata Interview Questions
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We are migrating an oracle table into teradata, the volume of data is huge and partitioned (year wise list partition). How do i simulate the same in teradata.

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There is a load to the Table every one hour and 24/7.Morning trafic is high, afternoon trafiic is less, Night trafiic is high.According to this situation which Utility you use and how do you load,which utility used?

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How to run the Teradata jobs in unix environment ???

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Difference between Teradata V2R5 and Teradata V12 versions?

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what is the difference between primary index and secondary index?.

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what is use of fload loading into set table?

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write a query following data. 123.45 is input.write a query after decimal (ex:.45) load into database ?how it possible?

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How to relege locks in fastload and multiload? example?

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what is the query for retrieve the unique values(not display the duplicates values) from single table?

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what is the default character set in teradata,,?

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What is SQL Assistence?please eample

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how to improve the query perfoemance in teradata.with example?and how explain this in interview?please forward answer

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one table have input no name 10 rao 20 siva 30 srinu 10 rao i want to ouput like this way no name 20 siva 30 srinu 10 rao how it posible in only sql server query?not oracle?

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can we join volatile table with general table an global temporary table with general table ?

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Can we Suggest as how is the process to get a job in teradata in current market??Is it easier???

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IBM Teradata Interview Questions

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