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IBM Interview Questions
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In a grass field, If there are 40 cows, they could eat for 40 days. If there are 30 cows, they could eat for 60 days. Than if 20 cows, How much day they could eat? a) 60 b) 80 c)55 d)50

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In a class , except 18 all are above 50 years. 15 are below 50 years of age. how many people are there a) 30 b) 33 c) 36 d) none of these.

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A person has Rs 100/- in his pocket, he can as 25 pencils or 15books.He kept 15% of the money for travelling expenses and purchased 5 pencils.So how many books he can purchase with the remaining money. a) 4 b) 3 c) 5 d)none

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A square plot of some size , at four corners equal squares of some size are cut and is formed as open box. If this open box carries 128ml of oil. What is the size of the plate i.e. side a.17 b.14 c.13 d.none

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In 1000 wine bottles stack 10 are poisoned given 10 rats what is the minimum number of tries to find the poisoned one. Rat dies once it licks the poisoned wine.

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Find the values of each of the alphabets. N O O N S O O N + M O O N ---------- J U N E

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Plz send me RECRUITMENT OF NALCO GET-2007 sample questions and answers


Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job? (a) 8 hrs (b) 7 1/2 hrs (c) 7 hrs (d) 9 hrs

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The LCM of two numbers is 60. The sum of the numbers is 50. What are the numbers?

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If "basis points" are defined so that 1 percent is equal to 100 basis points, then 75.5 percent is how many basis points greater than 65.5 percent?

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To move a safe, two cylindrical steel bars 7 cms in diameter are used as rollers. How far will the safe move forward when the rollers have made one revolution?

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what is the interview pattern forIBM describe the number of rounds in IBM interview.


i want last 3 years interview question and answer.


Find the values of each of the alphabets. N O O N S O O N + M O O N ---------- J U N E

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i need rs aggarwal verbal &nonverbal book download link plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i nned by 2marow morning

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IBM Interview Questions

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