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IBM SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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SD with MM Integration what you have done in real time in your project

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In the vendor consignment process what you have done in GR Process

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in vendor GR based invoice is not ticked in PO 10 Qty at the price is 2 RS. When i book the invoice 5 Qty for 4 Rs. after booking the MIRO what the accounting entry in MIGO for the 6 QTy.

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What is the difference between valuated Stock and Non Valuated Stock?

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How to do the RTP material posting with purchase order?

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Pricing Procedure – How Pricing procedure taking place in the PO

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When to use 351 STO and when to use 641

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What are the steps required for integration between MM and SD?

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If I recieved Change request then how I can Process further this request or how to release the request?

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What are the tables are available for PO & Material master?

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What are the toold available for data migration? What is LSMW?

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Tell me the subcontracting process with movement types?

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How Return delivery process is working? How to post the qty & with which movement type?

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What is mean by Stoarge Type & stoarge bin? In warehouse mgmt 1 & 2 - which are the fields are available?

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What is Batch management & how it is working?

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IBM SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions

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