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IBM SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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What is Consigement stock & which accounting entries are posted at the time of GR?

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what is vendor account group

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How to maintain stock in SAP module? what's the t.code and plz. give the menu path in details. thank you.

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I what single T CODE regading Value stock receipts, Total usage quantity, Valuated stock

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MM flow with Tcodes & tables

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best institute for warehouse management course

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where you maintain in material master the multiple units of measures??

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I am new to SAP MM/WM, can someone describe a typical day working as MM/WM functional consultant , what team have you worked on, and specifically what were you in charged off within SAP team, and what were you doing?

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Where you maintain in material master the multiple units of measures?

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PO made for 100 pcs and GR for 100 Pc but received the invoice for 110 pcs. How you will address this ?

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In a Hospital a material which is medisin they procured it and issue to CC and all stock is consumed. now stock is "0" Payment made to vendor company. but after 8 months all a batch testing govt. org. issues a circular that the batch which you have purchased is not effective. then Vendor company provided new material free of cost again. in this synerio how to inward that new stock. ?

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Explain the subcontracting Flow in details which includes the Account which gets Hit & the explanation of each Account Hit...I was not able to answer in details but explained the flow.

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Different Purchase Organisation & what is the difference between them.

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The PO table name @ header, Item, Delivery Schedule

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How many levels of approval can be allowed in Release Strategies

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IBM SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions

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