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IBM RPG400 Interview Questions
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What is the name of default out queue when user logs inn to syatem with valid profile?

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list down and describe the sub systems vailable

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how to check on which PF , the LF is dependant ?

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Q:HI friends accually ihave one problem plesase let me know the alternate code of this code. Related field description of code: Add a field, CALvsPRD, "Calendar Day Starts Before/After Production Day" to the parameter set WRKORDER which accepts values 'A' or 'B' o B = Calendar Day Starts Before Production Day o A = Calendar Day Starts After Production Day o Any other value indicates the production and calendar dates are always the same. code: Automatic Execution Of *INZSR Subroutine /Z01 * retrieves WRKORDER field values. /Z01 * Calculate default Production Date and return it to caller. /Z01 * Production date defaults to system date /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate = %DATE() /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts Before PDN(production) date and /Z01 * system time is before PDN Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is yesterday. /Z01 C If W@CALvsPRD = 'B' and /Z01 C %TIME() < %TIME (W@Strtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate -= %Day(1) /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts After PDN date and /Z01 * system time is *GE PDN(production) Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is tomorrow. /Z01 C ElseIf W@CALvsPRD = 'A' and W@Strtime > *Zero and /Z01 C %TIME() >= %TIME (W@STrtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate += %Day(1) /Z01 C EndIf /Z01 C Eval *InLr = *On


How to check which are the pgms using 1 perticulate file.? I know there is many tool available for X-reference...but need to know is there any command available in the system...?

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Q1.How to read the Array? Q2.How to copy the content of one Array to another Array?

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how can an indexed file be used as arrival sequence in RPG?

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I have 1000 records in a file. I would like to generate 10 identical reports from this record with same format (structure of records) how do I do this?

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I have two sessions S1 & S2 under this 3 jobs(say j1,j2,j3 under session S1) And 2 jobs(Say j4, j5 Under session S2)is running. How many QTEMP & how many LDA will create for the same.

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What is SFLNXTCHG keyword why it has used and where? Briefly explain with Example.

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How do I read records from Subfile? what is the purpose of READC explain with example?

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i would like to know under what circumstance the object will get locked on AS400.

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Hi all friend, Could Any body send me the code (with coding) of this senario because I have tried but I am stucking somewhere so Please reply ASAp with coding. senario:Q: I have to write the flat file(FLAT1) into the three different PFS (PF1,PF2 and PF3) with the respect of H line data, D line data and Z line data of flat file. where I have different data in flat file(FLAT1) which is mentioned below with data. H0929200909282009092820095529420003000073 D2222220006765555webservi001633.9909222009092820090924200951 8564380134049ROSNER TOYOTA OF FREDE FREDERICKSBURVA 224080000USA840840001633.99001633.99851856492689800208001915 511001633.990408490000000.0000000003446048 1,3 110793145 09070700351 372367 Rosner Motors D3333320006774444webservi000271.2409222009092820090924200951 8564380134049ROSNER TOYOTA OF FREDE FREDERICKSBURVA 224080000USA840840000271.24000271.24851856492689800208001835 511000271.240930680000000.0000000003450293 1 110793254 09072100079 373933 Rosner Motors Z0929200900000020001905.25 FLAT1 has the three pf data H line-represents the header pf data,D-Represent Details pf data,Z-Represents the trailer pf data Now I have to write H line data of flat file into Header pf (PF1),D line data of flat into datails pf(PF2) and Z line data of flat file into pf(PF3) with the spefic position(H,D and Z data of flat file into PF1, PF2 and PF3) of flat file.

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How do you know if a record exists without doing a READ and CHAIN?

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How do you code file / field renames in ILE RPG?

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IBM RPG400 Interview Questions

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