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how can an indexed file be used as arrival sequence in RPG?

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how can an indexed file be used as arrival sequence in RPG?..

Answer / sanpra

To achieve this on 'F' Spec leave the 'Record address type'
option as blank ( i.e. don't specify 'K' - Keyed or
anthying) .

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how can an indexed file be used as arrival sequence in RPG?..

Answer / kamlesh

do not specify K for record address type in F spec.
Use RECNO(VRRN) keyword where VRRN is packed data type
having dec pos as 0 and has length enough to hold
largest RRN of ur PF.
Now move RRN in VRRN variable and apply
VRRN Chain FILE 99
ur required record is retrieved

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how can an indexed file be used as arrival sequence in RPG?..

Answer / ttom

How will chain be used if 'K' is not specified as address
type in the f spec

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