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IBM RPG400 Interview Questions
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When will DUMP & DEBUG be ignored?

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What is the purpose of FRCDTA keyword?

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What is journalling and commitment control?

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How can a screen field that has changed since the last output operation be detected?

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What would be the effect on the field where reverse image, underline and high intensity?

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Can more than one subfile record be displayed on one line?

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How can i keyed a flat file in RPGLE

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1.Coding in cl to send an message? 2..What is turnover and use? What are the different levels?

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How can i check the object existance in RPG program without using QCMDEXC command.

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program to find the number of objects used in a given program through a display.

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RPG/400 number of Records present in a physical file using file information data structure FPF001 IP E DISK F KINFDS INFDS1 IINFDS1 DS I *RECORD RECORD Is this coding correct sir,i have given I P E that is I- input,P-primary file,E-externally described. Primary to use RPG logic cycle,is this the correct method because we have to find number of records present using file information data structure in RPG/400 without doing any input/output operations on the file and also without using DSPFD,SQL. If the above coding is correct means,when i compile the program it gets compiled,but if i call the program it does not return anything,i need number of records,please complete the coding sir.

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How to declare the more than one file in cl/400.

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Mr.Sidc sirfor my question{how to convert date format from one format to another i think in CL/400 its CVTDAT,Please tell in RPG/400 sir not in RPGILE} you have answered using MOVE opcode,can you illustrate me with a small example sir very kind of you.

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How to update physical file in rpgle without using display file?

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what is overlay? how can we pass parameters in cl or rpg programing? how can we get data area value in cl or rpg programming?

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IBM RPG400 Interview Questions

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