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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is requirement in pricing proc determination plz tell in depth with examples i faced this prob in an interviw thanls sneha

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hi im trying to configure FICO settings for my pricing transaction code is FS00 im trying to changes but error msg is coming "company code doesnt assign to field status variant" please if anybody knows just post it asap

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Can we make the delivery from the 2 different plants of the same items? how?

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what is transportation request

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All Billing Type?

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what is highest module in sap

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Please explain any one ticket of SD.

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what is difference between item catagory groups ERLA and LUMF

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what is difference between individual and collective requirement

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explain requirement class and requiremnt type in detail with business examples


What are the accounting entries in consignment sales (excisable material).what are the forms we use in when we deal in excise material

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what is condition category, where its maintened

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what is EDI ,ALE , Debugging, Smart Forms ,IDOC'S & BDOC'S

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What are the steps of ATP in asp sd

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IN sales order for a line item for that material i want the updated price for that particular line item instead of every time going to vk11 and changing the price for that material i want the updated price for eg if the material cost is 100 rs and updated price is 110 rs i want the updated price to be trigger for that material when we give that in va01 with out maintaing in vk11

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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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