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IBM SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What are the tickets used in Post Implementation Support stage in SAP FICO module? Give examples of a high priority, medium priority, & low priority tickets in Post Implementation Support.

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What is the reason behind reclassifying payables & receivables as FI month end activity?

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Explain the Electronic Bank Reconciliation procedures in detail.

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Suppose a wrong item rate is entered in SAP system as Rs10 though it supposed to be Rs11 per purchase order. How do you correct this in SAP system? Can we reverse this document

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Hi 1)What is the maximum permissible exchange deviation in your project? 2)What is the most typical problem that you have been faced in supporting as well as implementation? 3)How you see dunning notice output?


What is production support procedure? How to login production support? what is transaction code?

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What is a depericiation Key?

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How many currencies can be assigned to one company code.what is the need of many currencies to one company does it work.pls give me one example also.

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1 suppose in f-02 you didnot fill any thing in profit center field ,then it will gives the error,what you have to do? 2 dummy profit center is mandatory/not?

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can you change the payment terms in vendor master record?

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in a/r how can you enter the cash against customer?

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ageing process in a/r?

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process of payment from customer?

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importance of tax category field in g/l master record?

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what is the process of app for customer?

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IBM SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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