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IBM IBM MainFrame AllOther Interview Questions
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If a gdg contains 20 versions .. how to copy those versions ps?

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1) What is ONCODE (Return code) in PL/1? 2) How to handle the ONCODE in PL/1? Please give me some examples?

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How much memory does variable of 6 decimal (15, 2) take in PL/1?

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How do you get parameter from JCL to PL1?


How do you pass some input from JCL to PL1?

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How do you pass pointer PL/1 main procedure to sub procedure?

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What is controlled keyword in PL/1?

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How do you write from PL/1 code to JCL?


If DB2 query returns in null value, how do you work with it in PL/1?


What are the different types of string function in PL/1?

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What is the difference between Verify & Index in PL/1?

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How do you use sub-string as a Pseudo-variable in PL/1? How can we use the variables?

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What are the different types of PL/1 files?


How do you handle exceptions PL/1?

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How many minimum number of line codes does PL/1 DB2 program requires?


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IBM IBM MainFrame AllOther Interview Questions

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